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Welcome to the Website of the Newton Parish Council. This site includes a record of activities, projects and meetings of the council. Please use the links above to contact the Parish Council or any of the Parish Councillors. The Parish Council aims to look after the interests of the whole community.

The council usually meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm, but please check here for more details.

We would like to see as many residents present at these meetings as possible. It is your Parish Council please give us your support.


From your Borough Councillor

An area that will occupy time and column inches is the projected changes to both our County Council and parliamentary representation. The current situation is

County Council

The Divisions around this part of Rushcliffe will change at the May election, when Bingham gets split down the middle (roughly Tythby Rd and its continuation north over the level crossing) into East & West, thus giving this area an extra seat on the County. Shelford is the only part of my ward without a change; they stay in Radcliffe Ward, where Cllr Kay Cutts is standing again. Newton becomes part of Bingham West, which also includes the Cropwells and other villages to the south. Two parties, Independents for Bingham and The Conservative Party have, I believe, selected candidates and will fight the election. I have no information about other parties.

East Bridgford and Kneeton join Bingham East, which also includes the villages to the west and north of Bingham (as far as Flintham & Orston. I expect both the Conservatives and Independents for Bingham will stand, but I am not aware of any selection activity yet. So look out for any opportunity to have your say in the selection process. It is worth noting that both Divisions will have roughly equal numbers of voters from town (Bingham) and villages.

Parliamentary Elections

A consultation has just started by the Electoral Commission into proposals to make all Constituencies of roughly equal size. Our current situation is that Newton and Shelford are in Rushcliffe Constituency with Ken Clark as its MP whilst East Bridgford and Kneeton are in Newark & Bingham – MP Robert Jenrick. The new boundaries are based on whole Wards so 2 villages will be moved.

In the proposals Rushcliffe Borough gets spread across 3 constituencies. Loughborough and Rushcliffe South will take in the area around East Leake and Keyworth. The main part of Rushcliife goes into a new constituency to be called “West Bridgford” and which will include parts of south Nottingham (mainly Clifton). The northern part of Rushcliffe, including Bingham, stays with Newark and our MP, Robert Jenrick, says he is standing again. East Bridgford gets moved from Newark to join Newton & Shelford in West Bridgford constituency. Ken Clark has announced that he will not stand again, so a new MP will have to be found.

We need to decide which constituency we want to be in. Not easy I know, but some considerations might be

  • West Bridgford will be essentially an urban seat –the greater WB area plus Clifton will make up 80% of the electorate, and we will be one of the smaller, remoter parts of the seat.
  • Newark and Bingham will be essentially rural comprising Newark, Bingham, Southwell, Ollerton plus about 100 other villages, of which we will be one of the larger ones.

If you have any preferences please let me know, preferably by email so I can decide whether to object. We have until mid-November to raise an objection.


Cllr Nigel Lawrence          01949 20619  cllr.nlawrence@eastbridgford.net

Vacancies for Councillors

These two vacancies have now been filled.



There are currently two vacancies, these are due to the resignations of Cllr Fearn and Cllr Morgan.

Recently there was a chance to have an election to fill these places which was advertised on the two noticeboards in the village. No one asked for an election and it is therefore up to the council to co-opt those residents that are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor.

Should you be interested in joining the council, please write in the first instance to Cllr A. Carlyle, at 29, Dakota Road, Newton, Notts., Ng13 8zy, with a short resume of yourself and why you think you would make a good Councillor. Your name must appear on the current register of the Voters List or you must currently work within the Parish and you must not be debarred from standing as a Councillor.

Applications should be received by Cllr Carlyle by Monday 17th October 2016.

Newton Parish Council generally meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month, currently in the village hall at Car Colston.

What is a Parish Council?

A parish council is a local authority that makes decisions on behalf of the people in the parish.

As it is the authority closest to the people, a parish council is invariably the first place people will go with concerns or ideas. For this reason it is a vital part of any community.

Why become a Parish Councillor?

As a parish councillor you become someone your community will look to for help, guidance and support. A member of the community with the power to influence decisions for the benefit of the parish. Seeing your community change for the better, as a result of decisions you have helped to make, is something that can give you a sense of achievement and pride

Update on Wellington Avenue play area

 Message from Nigel Lawrence, Borough Councillor regarding the play area on Wellington Avenue:

I have being conducting a small inquiry into this story, and investigating what actually did happen.

The most mysterious thing is where this rumour originated. As far as I can establish they never was any fouling of the play area, so who started the story. I first heard it as “they have been urinating on the play equipment”. Next I heard it expanded to “using the play area as a toilet”. Where the story about needles came from I know not.

The facts I have been able to establish are:

1.       Soon after the caravans were reported a borough officer attended, delivered wheeled bins and black bags and checked round. I have spoken to him and he had looked at the play area and noticed nothing out of order.

2.       When Streetwise did the clean-up after the vans left they found some human excrement in the nearby bushes which they removed but no sign of needles. They treated the area around the bushes to sanitize them (standard practice when cleaning up after such an event). Whilst they had not been commissioned to clean the play area (which they thought was odd) they inspected it but found no waste, contamination or damage.

3.       The rumours got louder & louder so a group of Parish Councillors went and sanitized the area themselves – many thanks to them. They found no signs of contamination or needles.

4.       There is at least one resident now demanding chapter and verse over the removal of contamination which was never there in the first place!

I hope that this evidence will convince you all that we have no problem. However this rumour is still loose and is seriously damaging to Newton and you, as the PC. 

Please will you all do your best to get the word round that the play area is clean and safely usable. You may post this note on the noticeboard if you wish.

Cllr Nigel Lawrence,    East Bridgford Ward, Rushcliffe Borough Council

Newton Parish Council wishes to appoint an Administrator/Trainee Clerk

Newton Parish Council wishes to appoint an Administrator/Trainee Clerk to assist with the running of Parish Council meetings and wider activities.

No previous experience as a Parish Clerk is required, however experience in an administrative capacity would be beneficial.

Full training/qualification will be available.

Main responsibilities will include:

  • Attendance at regular Parish Council meetings – Evening working and flexibility are essential
  • Producing agendas in consultation with the Chairman and wider council.
  • Producing accurate minutes of the meetings.
  • Monitoring actions & decisions of the Parish Council
  • Dealing with correspondence.
  • Keeping accurate accounts.

This is a fantastic opportunity with potential for expanding the scope of responsibilities as knowledge and experience is gained.

Parish Council information can be found at http://www.newtonparishcouncil.com

Pay rates will be based on NALC recommendations and experience relevant to a council the size of Newton Parish Council.

The Council would also welcome applications from qualified Clerks.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact:

Mr Lucas Morgan
Chair: Newton Parish Council
21 Dakota Road, Newton, Nottinghamshire. NG13 8ZY

or by e-mail to: lucas.morgan.npc@gmail.com

Closing date 20/08/2016

Start date 06/08/2016

Newton Parish Council wishes to appoint a qualified Parish Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer (RFO).

Newton Parish Council wishes to appoint a qualified Parish Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer (RFO).

Duties will include:

Attendance at regular Parish Council Meetings – currently in the evening on the fourth Wednesday of each month (excluding December) and the Annual Parish Meeting held in May.
Producing agendas in consultation with the Chairman and wider council.
Monitoring actions & decisions of the Parish Council/review of policies & governing documents.
Managing Parish Council assets (play area).
Ensuring planning applications are considered and responses are submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council by return deadlines.
All financial matters to be managed in accordance with the Council’s Standing Orders and Clerk’s Financial Controls which include the following;
Preparation of monthly accounts statement (payments & receipts) and bank reconciliations to be presented at meetings
· Management of invoices
· Annual insurance renewal, risk assessment and asset register review
· Banking
· Prepare end of year accounts in accordance with the Transparency Arrangements
· VAT Reclaim
· Budget review & precept request

Parish Council information can be found at http://www.newtonparishcouncil.com

The Clerk will be expected to engage with Councillors and Parishioners, and to positively support and guide members in the successful running of the Council.

Pay rates will be based on NALC recommendations and experience relevant to a council the size of Newton Parish Council.

Please forward CV and letter of application in the first instance to:

Mr Lucas Morgan

Chair: Newton Parish Council

21 Dakota Road, Newton, Nottinghamshire. NG13 8ZY

or by e-mail to: lucas.morgan.npc@gmail.com

Closing date 04/07/2016

Start date 20/06/2016

Newton Planning

APPLICANT : William Hughes And Newton Nottingham LLP
DEVELOPMENT : Conversion of RAF Newton control tower to single dwelling (including alterations and extension); change of use of old fire station and workshop to domestic use

LOCATION : Former Control Tower RAF Newton Wellington Avenue Newton Nottinghamshire


(Town Council/Parish Council/ Parish Meeting)

If you wish to comment on this application, please notify the Borough Development Officer in writing as soon as possible BUT NOT LATER THAN 23rd June 2016. Please use the attached form in responding and keep this page for your records. NOTE: Comments submitted may be disclosed to the applicant, made public at committee, are available for public inspection and may be displayed on the internet in accordance with the Local Government Act 1972, the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Should the application go to appeal the Planning Inspectorate may publish details of your comments on the internet. Your comments may include your name, address, email address or telephone number. Please ensure that you only provide information, including personal information belonging to you that you are happy will be made available to others in this way. If you supply information belonging to a third party please ensure you have their permission to do so. More detailed information about data protection and privacy matters is available on the Planning Portal at http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/pcs

Copies of the documents are to follow by post. However, all plans and documents associated with the planning application are available to view at http://planningon-line.rushcliffe.gov.uk/online-applications/. The Planning Online pages are easily located within the ‘Planning and Building’ pages of the council’s website at http://www.rushcliffe.gov.uk with a direct link available on the main ‘Planning and Building’ page. You can comment on the application directly from Planning Online

OBJECT for the following reasons DO NOT OBJECT


When telephoning, please ask for : Ms Michelle Dunne
On 0115 981 9911 extension : 223
Direct Line 0115 914 8223

Our Reference :
Your Reference :

Date : 16/01236/FUL

2nd June 2016
Service Manager, Communities

Rushcliffe Borough Council
Civic Centre
Pavilion Road
West Bridgford

Dog Owners

The members of the Parish council would like to thank all of the responsible dog owners in the Parish that scoop their dogs poop thank you. Here is a poster aimed at those who forget. Please take note of the date for micro-chipping.